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    27 Times Old People Posted On Facebook When Mayyyyybe They Shouldn't Have

    But I'm so glad they did.

    1. This astute observation:

    text reading my dog smells like tostitios chips

    2. Grandpa's insomnia cure:

    someone saying they have insomnia and the person comments pray pray the devil will put you to sleep

    3. This important family update:

    facebook post reading my son is in prison for triple homicide

    4. This very necessary update:

    facebook post reading i just threw up

    5. This very specific question:

    facebook post reading how to turn off capital letters on a dell 2009 computer

    6. Everyone's favorite app:

    person saying they are 54 and love tic tacs when they mean tik tok

    7. The question on everyone's mind:

    facebook post reading what channel is netflix on

    8. Messages of condolence:

    an old person who posted i don't care on someone announcing a death

    9. Grandma's message of unity:

    facebook post that reads we

    10. This up close and personal message:

    close up shot of a smile

    11. This group membership:

    a person trying to join a group and realizing they are already a member

    12. This very specific area of search:

    person asking for help finding an electrician but the area is the entire united states

    13. This important question:

    facebook post reading why can't i get facebook

    14. Everyone's favorite toy:

    a person asking where to find logo blocks when they mean legos

    15. A hell of a deal:

    picture of an old fish that reads 2012 chevy

    16. Joanne's comeback:

    a woman using the wrong there when talking about hamburgers and a guy lectures her and she just responds hambrugers

    17. Sharon's request:

    a person named sharon asking for amazon's phone number

    18. An update on Margaret:

    facebook post on laughing emojis that reads margaret has been admitted to the ward for chronic back pain

    19. A message of gratitude:

    facebook post reading thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes psoriasis treatment

    20. Ruth's cooking prowess:

    a person named ruth comments i have not cooked a meal in seven years and i do not intend to start now on a cooking video

    21. A warning:

    a person saying they will remove someone from social media

    22. Jerry's memories:

    youtube video of billie eilesh where someone comments this girl cracks me up like my niece michelle

    23. Shouts out to Phil:

    a facebook post that just says good afternoon phil

    24. Infinite toilet paper:

    a picture of a large toilet paper roll with the comment new toilet paper holder enough paper for a month

    25. A miracle:

    facebook post reading there's a man in italy who is 101 born during the spanish flu pandemic got carnivorous and survived

    26. A declaration of hate:

    person posted i hate people on a background of poop emojis

    27. And this distillation of the self:

    facebook post that just reads "i'm"