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    19 People Who I Know For A Fact Regret Literally Every Single Decision They Made Last Week

    Now, that ain't good at all.

    If you had a rough, no-good, terrible Thanksgiving, just remember...

    1. The person whose oven spontaneously combusted at the worst possible moment:

    Shattered oven door with caption: Why did this happen on Thanksgiving? Why?!

    2. The person whose turkey miiiiiiight just be a little overcooked:

    Blackened turkey on the grass with caption: My father in law thought the temperature gauge was a timer

    3. The person who will now be pioneering the "5,000-second rule":

    The contents of a table on its side on the floor

    4. The person whose ham is absolutely hummed:

    A burnt ham with the caption "I tried to slow-cook a ham"

    5. The person who is about to play the worst game of bobbing for apples that has ever been played:

    A pair of eyeglasses in the toilet

    6. The person rockin' the sick new Rachael Ray tat:

    Caption: I accidentally branded Rachael Ray's name on myself with one of her roasting trays

    7. The person whose Thanksgiving guest absolutely annihilated their poor, defenseless toilet:

    A toilet seat broken in half

    8. The person who was kind enough to give their oven a big, heapin' slice of pie:

    An upside-down pie falls all over the bottom of the oven

    9. The person whose dang teeth were fallin' out in the early hours of Thanksgiving dinner:

    A tooth with crown in the palm of a hand with the caption "My crown fell out after my first bite"

    10. The person who got the Tiny Tim special at the restaurant:

    A "grilled cheese" with just a thin slice of overcooked American cheese with the caption "I paid $12 for this"

    11. The person whose cats seriously have it out for delicious pie:

    Cat paw prints in the pie, with the caption "My cats decided no one would be eating pumpkin pie"

    12. The person who experienced one of the worst laundry disasters one can experience:

    Person who spilled liquid detergent from a large container all over the floor in front of the washing machine, with the caption "I've made a huge mistake"

    13. The person whose neighbor pulled this wildly perplexing yet frustrating move:

    Person shoveling snow through a fence

    14. The person who loves their child very much, I'm sure:

    A plate of cupcakes sans frosting, with the caption "My wife made cupcakes, and my 8-year-old ate all the frosting"

    15. The person whose knife saw unspeakable things at Thanksgiving dinner:

    A knife with scratches and perforations with the caption, "Someone else cleaned my expensive knife after dinner"

    16. The person who caught hand, foot, and mouth disease right before they were to use their hands and mouth to eat nine helpings of turkey:

    A hand with lesions and red blotches on it with the caption "Thanksgiving is canceled!"

    17. The person whose stairs shall forever be stained with the litter box sand of yesteryear:

    A flight of stairs with sand all over it, with the caption "The litter box bag broke EVERYWHERE"

    18. The person who shall forever be washing dishes:

    A kitchen with dirty dishes overflowing in the sink and the countertop, with the caption "Never volunteer for dish duty"

    19. And the person who went to visit their family and found out a litttttle too much about Pops:

    Text exchange with one person saying their father has been watching porn on "his fucking tv" and forgot before showing them something on his TV, and they're "about to DIE"