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23 People Who I Know For A Fact Regret Literally Every Single Decision They Made Last Week

You gotta feel for these folks. You really do.

My friends, if you're having a rough day and it feels like the whole dang world is out to get you, just remember...

1. The person who learned one of life's most important lessons:

spilled chili in a car

2. The person whose sheets just got a sick new design:

person who stained their sheets with a new tattoo

3. The person who will forever regret accelerating in that specific moment:

man who drove into freshly poured concrete

4. The person whose chocolate chip cookies might be a tad overdone:

burnt cookies

5. The person whose landlord was kind enough to practice their amateur taxidermy on a kitchen counter:

mosquito sealed in epoxy

6. The person whose dream of becoming an MLB middle reliever died that day:

person who missed the collandar with spaghetti

7. The other person who learned one of life's most important lessons the hard way:

8. This person who is about to have a very cronchy lunch:

person who brought kitty litter to work instead of their lunch

9. The person whose stairs will forever be filled with tiny specks of compost:

person who fell down the stairs taking out compost

10. The person who had quite literally the unthinkable happen to them and their poor toothbrush:

gecko poop on a toothbrush

11. The person who got off the bus and stepped straight into Hades itself:

hole next to where the bus stopped

12. The person who got themselves a nice sear:

13. The person with a computer that is now part soup:

soup spilled on a computer

14. The person about to have a very white kitchen:

flour upside down

15. The person who will forever be sitting in a lake of Diet Dr. Pepper:

soda spilled in a car

16. Ol' ripped pants:

rip in pants

17. The person who, much like J. Paul Getty, will never, ever leave oil alone again:

oil explosion in a kitchen

18. The person who added a brand-new ingredient to their makeup:

19. The person who loves their child very much, I'm sure:

broken laptop

20. The person who surely has the goopiest kayak around:

kayak melted in the sun

21. The person whose breakfast seems to have gone nuclear:

spilled breakfast meal

22. The person who straight up sneezed their coffee every which way:

spilled coffee

23. And the inventor of a brand new bird poop latte:

a coffee cup a bird shit into