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    19 People Who I Know For A Fact Regret Every Single Decision They Made Last Week

    Oh noooooo.

    1. The person with quite possibly the worst watermelon luck in existence:

    2. The person who likes their coffee extra eggy:

    3. The person whose truck got a fresh new coat of bird-poop white paint:

    4. The person whose plumber apparently summoned the infernal demon Gorkinog the Cursed straight to their bathtub:

    5. The person whose gonna be eatin' some good old fashioned BBQ cardboard box tonight:

    6. The person who blue themselves:

    7. The person who hiked hours to see the most majestic waterfalls known to humankind:

    8. The person who gave their AirPod a thorough cleaning:

    9. The people whose brave experiment will one day be featured prominently in a scientific journal:

    10. The person whose kitchen will forever smell of marinara and despair:

    11. The person who apparently did something very serious to upset the entire city of Cleveland:

    12. The person who just got the road absolutely hammered:

    13. The person who will never not quadruple check their spices from now on:

    14. The person who must never brush again:

    15. The person who is currently looking for a new job:

    16. The person who is about to star in the live-action biopic of Electro:

    17. The person whose grandmama miiiiiight have left the croutons in a bit too long:

    I tell you what, folks. Looks like something Gorkinog the Cursed would have an absolute field day with.

    18. The person whose AirPods have seen things we can only imagine:

    19. And the person who lost the cookie lottery:

    Sad state of affairs.