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    50 People Who Definitely Immediately Regretted Every Decision They Made This Month

    I'm gagging.

    If you're having a bad month, just remember...

    1. At least your ketchup didn't go all Mount Vesuvius on your fridge:

    2. And at least you don't have noodles everywhere in your car:

    3. At least your croissants didn't turn out like this:

    4. At least you didn't take a big hair risk:

    5. And at least you're not literally sweeping paint out the back of a car:

    6. And, hey, at least you didn't accidentally melt a Smurf in your washing machine:

    7. At least you didn't absolutely incinerate a poor, defenseless pizza:

    8. And at least you didn't anger the trees:

    9. And, hey, at least this didn't happen to you at dinner:

    tweet about cooking dinner and seeing a text that the person didn't like it

    10. It could be worse. You could have incinerated your lawn:

    11. Your freezer could be more of a shelf:

    12. And, hey, at least your phone didn't get annihilated:

    13. Look at the bright side — your noodles don't need an ambulance:

    14. You don't have a bag of Schrödinger's chips:

    15. And, hey, at least your pizza doesn't have a very special foot-flavored ingredient:

    16. Think about it this way — at least your bike hasn't been completely picked clean:

    17. And at least your fridge isn't more of, well, just a cabinet:

    18. At least you didn't get a... ladybug... infestation:

    person who posted a picture of bed bugs thiinking they were lady bugs

    19. And, hey, at least your don't have to do the most depressing paper shredding in human history:

    20. It could be worse, your clippers could have betrayed you:

    21. Your clothes could be covered in soil:

    22. And, oh lord in heaven, this could have been you:

    23. Hey, at least you don't have Airpod (singular) now:

    24. At least your TV didn't experience death by controller:

    25. And, let's think positive here, at least you don't have a backyard full of glass:

    26. I mean, at least your Tesla didn't supercharge itself into your office:

    27. And at least your headphones didn't decide to hop off this mortal coil at the last possible moment:

    28. And, you know what? At least you aren't absolutely covered in gum head to toe:

    29. And at least your aren't stuck with this furniture:

    30. Let's just remember one thing: at least your pizza wasn't delivered like this.

    That is all.

    31. Look at the bright side - you didn't bend:

    32. And you didn't sneeze while driving:

    33. And, hey, you didn't get a special extra treat on your final bite:

    34. At least you didn't have to plug your pants:

    35. And at least you didn't get a projectile blueberry:

    36. And, hey, at least you didn't tragically lose your blueberries:

    37. Look at it this way - at least you didn't make the oldest mistake in the book:

    38. And at least you aren't chompin' on some extra protein right now:

    39. And, hey, at least this ain't your hand:

    40. At least your envelopes aren't sealed for all eternity:

    41. And at least you aren't stuck with some ancient technology:

    42. And, hey, if all else fails, just remember: at least you don't have a damn snake in your toilet.

    43. At least your floor isn't permanently sticky:

    44. And, hey, at least your cat didn't find the absolute worst place to blow chunks:

    45. At least you didn't get this note:

    46. At least your mug didn't troll you:

    47. At least you didn't get exactly what you asked for:

    48. And at least your hammer didn't get defeated by a nail:

    49. At least you didn't commit cupcake treason:

    50. Finally, at least you aren't trapped outside your home:

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