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    23 People Who Are Having An Immeasurably Worse Day Than You Are


    If you think you're a bad cook...

    1. At least you aren't having impromptu dessert for dinner:

    person mixing up vanilla extract and soy sauce while cooking rice

    2. And at least you didn't incinerate a poor, defenseless pizza:

    pizza burnt to a crisp

    3. And hey, at least you didn't create a smoothie of mass destruction:

    juicer that exploded and stuck into the ceiling

    4. Look at the bright side — at least your oven isn't 70% plastic:

    melted baking sheet inside an oven

    5. And at least you didn't create a new state of matter on the stove:

    melted pot on a stove

    6. And hey, at least you aren't having fried spatula for dinner:

    melted spatula on a stove

    7. Think about it this way — your eggs don't look like this:

    peppercorns spilled all over eggs

    8. And your coffee isn't a new special "Italian blend":

    someone who mixed up sugar and granulated garlic

    9. And hey, at least you aren't about to munch on some spectacles:

    glasses baked into a banana bread

    10. Just be thankful your corn isn't trying to blend in with the grill:

    burnt corn

    11. And your pancakes aren't trying to summon an ancient demon:

    blueberry pancakes with a scary face

    12. And hey, at least your dinner rolls aren't screaming out for the sweet release of death:

    rolls that were supposed to be smiley faces but now are terrifying

    13. At least your cookies didn't turn out like this:

    cookies meant to look like hearts that came out as circles

    14. At least you didn't pull the old "soy sauce instead of maple syrup" switcheroo:

    person who mixed up soy sauce and syrup

    15. And at least you're not eating counter cake tonight:

    person who did not let their cake cook long enough and so it spilled everywhere

    16. And hey, at least you...uhhh...didn't do this:

    cake that looks suggestive

    17. At least you know how to spell the name of your favorite dish:

    person who cant spell spaghetti and keeps calling it passgetti

    18. And at least you aren't painting your insides:

    person who drank paint water instead of coffee

    19. And hey, at least you aren't eating what many are calling "Italian oatmeal":

    person who cooked breadcrumbs instead of oatmeal

    20. At least you're not eating baked board:

    person who cooked a cutting board

    21. At least this didn't happen to your delicious roast:

    person who forgot to plug in their slow cooker

    22. At least, uhhhh, you didn't do this:

    person who used an iron to head up marshmallows and burnt all the plastic

    23. And hey, at least this didn't happen to you:

    person who was eating hard boiled eggs with the shell on