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    20 Painfully Awkward Interactions That'll Give You Second, Third, And Fourth Hand Embarrassment

    That's gotta hurt.

    1. The balloon convo:

    tweet about someone asking another person to marry them in a hot air balloon and getting a no

    2. The noodle convo:

    tweet reading i offered this girl some noodles after sex and she had the nerve to say so everything's two minutes here

    3. The trash convo:

    tumblr post about someone mistaking their friend for a trash can

    4. The bus convo:

    tweet reading rushing off the bus this morning i slipped and fell and change fell out of my pocket and a random person said damn sonic are you good

    5. The apps convo:

    tweets about someone asking about what apps are worth it and the other person thinks they mean food

    6. The quiche convo:

    tumblr story about someone thinking quiche is pronounced quicky and them asking their gf for a quicky

    7. The waiter convo:

    tweet reading a water once told me a nice wine pairs well with a certain food i took a sip and said to the waiter wow you can really taste the pears my date literally face palmed

    8. The sneeze convo:

    tweet story about someone faking a sneeze because they accidentally said bless you through their wall

    9. The date conversation:

    tweet about someone leaving a date early and then their date finds them leaving mcdonalds

    10. The "It" convo:

    tumblr story about a person seeing IT and not realizing they were wearing a clown shirt and looking like a crazy person

    11. The love convo:

    text message reading i still love you i never stopped and the other person says i can't image a worse time to have to ask this but who is this

    12. The condom convo:

    tweet about someone saying are you feeling it now mr krabs during sex

    13. The Febreze convo:

    tumblr post about someone spraying febreze into a fan and it immediately making them sick

    14. The running convo:

    tweet about someone running with some kids because they got scared but the kids were just running to the bus

    15. The lizard convo:

    tumblr post about someone saying hello to a lizard and theyre overheard and dont know what to do

    16. The cat convo:

    tumblr post about someone calling their at a scruptious boy not realizing some random person thought they were talking to them

    17. The traffic convo:

    tweet about a person getting cut off in traffic and realizing it was their mom

    18. The cancer convo:

    twitter conversation about someone being cancer free and the other person thinking they mean the zodiac sign

    19. The problem convo:

    tumblr post reading today at work il et someone into a dressing room and they said thanks and half of me tried to say youre welcome and no problem and i said your problem

    20. And the volleyball convo:

    tumblr story about someone yelling dear heavenly father during a volleyball game instead of encouragement