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The 25 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Happened To People In 2020

I'm cringing.

1. The project convo:

2. The sign convo:

twitter exchange of someone mixing up cancer for the astrological sign

3. The marketplace convo:

facebook conversation of someone mixing up on the table for being a literal table

4. The professor convo:

tindr conversation of someone matching with their professor on tindr

5. The American flag convo:

person mixing up the flag of liberia for the usa flag

6. The Zoom convo:

My boyfriend just said "HEYYYY" and I yelled "MUST BE THE MONAYYYY" because I did not realize that he had just started a Zoom conference call.

7. The lab convo:

tweet reading my lab partner said “hi i’m christian” and i said “hi i’m muslim”

christian is his NAME

8. The police convo:

person calling out a police truck for breaking the law

9. The Subway convo:

tweet reading i once walked into subway asked for a mooball feetlong and walked out

10. The hamster convo:

tweet reading accidentally just replied to a boy i fancy off my hamsters instagram account goodnight

11. The sleep convo:

tumblr post reading my sister just tried to ask me if i wanted to go to bed but instead it came out do you need to use the sleep

12. The dad convo:

girl accidentally texting her dad about sex

13. The hungover convo:

tweet reading in my hungover state i went food shopping and accidentally appologized to a mirror

14. The driving convo:

tweet of someone getting cut off and realizing it was their mom

15. The networking convo:

16. The hospital convo:

wrong number text about a person lighting their butthole on fire

17. The restaurant convo:

tweet reading I broke up with my girlfriend at a restaurant and she started crying, everyone thought i had proposed so they started clapping...T

18. The eye convo:

tindr conversation of someone saying nice eyes and the other person says i don't have nice eyes

19. The flight convo:

tweet of someone who sees another person swipe left on them

20. The 20-person convo:

bot messaging 21 people at the same time

21. The library convo:

tweet of someone in a library mixing up their words and saying i have to pee loudly

22. The exam convo:

exchange of one person realizing the exam is not today, it was yesterday

23. The wine convo:

tweet reading  They each ordered a glass of red wine. She suggested they choose a LITRE instead. They spoke among themselves and one man put up his hand and said - “I’ll be the leader.”

24. The accidental boss convo:

tweet of someone accidentally texting their boss bad words

25. And the wrong number convo:

wrong number text from someone named helen de-invinting someone named brittney from every barbecue in the nieghborhood