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21 Americans Who Got Roasted Online So Bad They Just Gotta Delete Their Account

That's gotta hurt.

1. On Columbus:

person who says they're celebrating columbus day and the other person says how will you observe by getting lost in the spice aisle

2. On protesting:

person who says america was not started by protesters and the other person says you are aware of the boston tea party

3. On Rome:

person who asks if the US current situation is comparable to rome and someone responds no rome has good roads

4. On guns:

person who argues about gun control with someone with panama

5. On cars:

person says american is the reason we have cars but it's actually germany

6. This weatherperson:

person who asks who even uses celsius and someone responds with a huge map of everyone who does

7. On doctors:

person who doesn't think other countries can choose their doctors

8. On time:

person who can't understand 24 hour time

9. On the grand old flag:

person who says if you like bernie go to canada and they use the flag of liberia

10. On taxes:

person who doesn't know how taxes work

11. On Texas:

person who thinks central texas is the southern hemisphere

12. On water:

person who wants to stunt on europeans for getting free water:

13. On the 4th of July:

person who asks if britiish people celebrate the fourth of july

14. On toilets:

person who doesn't think other countries have central plumbing

15. On fridges:

person who asks if they have fridges in the uk

16. On countries:

person who thinks europe is a country

17. On the drinking age:

post about the absurdity of being able to go into debt at age 18 but not drink
Yik Yak

18. On TVs:

person who asks if people in england have TVs

19. On Canada:

person who tries to roast canada and gets roasted in return

20. On celsius:

person arguing against celsius

21. And on those little differences:

tumblr post outlining the difference in the uk and usa measurement systems