I Can't Stop Laughing At All These Ignorant Americans Who Got Absolutely Roasted Into Oblivion

    You gotta get it together, my fellow Americans.

    1. On the countries of the world:

    american who thinks there are only 7 countries in the world

    2. On Ukraine:

    american asking why ukraine doesn't have a first amendment

    3. On liters:

    4. On Georgia:

    american who thinks georgia is only a state and not a country

    5. On Germany:

    American who doesn't understand that germany has states

    6. On debt:

    American saying they have never heard of sri lanka

    7. On Greenland:

    american who says that greenland is claimed by the usa

    8. On Independence Day:

    american getting roasted after complaining about the way europeans do dates

    9. On bread:

    american who thinks sourdough bread was made in the usa

    10. On the Titanic:

    american who says that if the titanic were built in america it would not have sunk

    11. On temperature:

    american who does not understand how celsius works

    12. On Liberia:

    american who says the american flag should have 52 stars

    13. On Tylenol:

    american saying they wouldnt use the european brand of tylonel because of the name

    14. On Brazil:

    american who can't fathom people can speak multiple languages

    15. On measurements:

    american saying they'd never play a game that uses centimeters

    16. On cups and grams:

    american complaining about measuring stuff in grams

    17. On May 16th:

    american who does not understand uk dates

    18. On English:

    american saying that traditional english comes from the usa

    19. On the Eiffel Tower:

    person who thinks the eiffel tower was built in vegas

    20. On dates:

    american who doesn't understand uk dates

    21. On politics:

    american saying right wing and left wing as political terms were made in usa

    22. On marines:

    person who says you shouldn't be able to call your soldiers marrines if they are not american

    23. On jail:

    american saying prisons in other countries do not work

    24. On NASA:

    american who doesn't understand metric system

    25. On Denmark:

    person who doesn't realize other countries don't use english names

    26. On 24-hour time:

    american who does not know about 24 time

    27. And on spelling:

    person who can't spell realize right