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Okay, I Seriously Can't Stop Laughing At All These Ignorant Americans Who Got Absolutely Roasted Into Oblivion So Far This Year

My fellow Americans: We gotta do better.

1. On Texas:

"Texas is like twice the size of Europe alone."

2. On Napoleon:

"just like the US"

3. On walkable cities:

"europe chose their little walkable cities..."

4. On the creation of language:

"It's called English and it was created in Britain."

5. On the US dollar:

"try to pay somewhere with dollar"

6. On the American utopia:

"There's a tree working hard to make oxygen for you"

7. On dates:

"Tweeting from the future?"

8. On aluminum:

"Spelled aluminum"

9. On mothers:

"why not just say mother?"

10. On the European mind:

"why are people reblogging this?"

11. On those rubber things:

"the tyre was invented in Britain..."

12. On speaking German:

"I'm German and I feel I understand a little but I never spoke German."

13. On Margot Robbie:

"Is she here on a working visa?"

14. On water consumption:

"Americans god bless you"

15. On NASA:

"Adopt the metric system"

16. On rings:

"No, not at all."

17. On sustenance:

"can't imagine what it's like to grow my own food"

18. On why the US doesn't need free healthcare:

Person who says why do you need universal healthcare when you can just wash your hands

19. On Georgia:

"They found a humanoid tooth in Georgia (country not the state) that's 1.8 million years old," response: "Georgia is a state not a country (United States is a country)"

20. On language:

"I'm American and here in the state miss we say whala; voila is an instrument miss know everything and don't know shit"

21. On Greeks:


22. On the 50 states:

"Have you been to the USA before?"

23. On Mount Everest:

"it's in South Dakota"

24. On the beauty of language:

Person who thinks American, English, and Australian are all different languages

25. On garbage:

Person who says that 100,000 kg is equal to 17 pounds

26. On cheese:

Photo of cheese slicer cutting Swiss cheese, with caption: "Cutting cheese with a knife? Barbarians? We in Scandinavia use this tool"; "That's why your a country not a nation"

27. On telling time:

Person who does not understand roman numerals on a clock

28. On gas prices:

Person who asks if Italians drive to Malta, an archipelago, to get gas

29. On Georgia:

American who is not aware of the country of Georgia

30. On the Middle Ages:

Person who says in very incoherent English that people in the UK still talk like it is the Middle Ages

31. On Spain:

"Spain is in Europe..."

32. On Spanish:

Person who asks why they speak Spanish in Europe

33. On Germany:

Person who says this is America, speak English, and someone says they're in Germany

34. On cars versus public transportation:

Person who says cars are way better than trains because freedom and privacy are #1 in the US and sitting next to other people sucks, and someone responds have fun staying in traffic for hours while they're in their high-speed train

35. On medical care:

Person who says European healthcare is worse than US healthcare, and someone says in Europe the person would owe no money for their healthcare

36. On war:

Person who says the Revolutionary War was fought by people without military experience, and someone points out that George Washington was a general and had help from the French military

37. On trains:

Person who is not impressed with Japan's bullet trains because airplanes can go twice as fast

38. On Scottish heritage:

Person who says they are Scottish despite being American

39. On the upcoming time change:

"Daylight Savings Time is my new worst enema."

40. On licensing:

Person criticizes the misspelling of "licence," and someone explains that UK English and US English are different

41. On Celsius:

Person who does not know what Celsius is and asks, "Where's that?"

42. And on measurements:

Person who does not understand how Europeans measure how much gas is left in their tank with the metric system