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36 Pictures That Will Make You Miss 5th Grade

So many scissors... so little time.

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1. The OG fidget spinner:

2. Old school pencil sharpeners with the container for shavings:


4. Cracking your back while sitting in this chair:

5. Cursive instructions lining the wall:

6. Those clackety clacking jumpropes in gym class:

7. And those mats that provided basically no protection at all:

8. Sharpening your pencil like this to DOUBLE productivity:

9. Stylin' on your papers with these scissors:

10. Or these bad boys right here:

11. That one map in front of the class:

12. The joy of looking at a cafeteria calendar:

13. That tinny, sweaty smell from gym class pinnies:

14. Seeing a fresh watercolor kit and knowing you were in for a good day:

15. That unforgettable smell of this marker:

16. Slapping glue all over your hand...

17. And peeling it off:

18. Sticking a bunch of markers together to make a sword:

19. Or using these to make a sword:

20. Those weird giant-ass sinks:

21. Being super edgy and doing this all the time:

22. That container that held all your stuff that exploded upon the slightest contact with the ground:

23. The cold, cold surface of lab tables:

24. Asking the magical eraser:

25. And those smelly erasers from art class:

26. Gettin' boobless with it on a calculator:

27. Math... IN BLOCK FORM:

28. Seeing this and knowing you were in for the most boring hour of your life:

29. Or hearing "HEADS UP, 7-UP" and knowing you were in for the best hour:

30. Or this, the most exciting sight in the world:

31. Hearing tests in the nurse's office with these big ol' headphones:

32. Doing this experiment once every few years:

33. Sweet, glorious ice cream with a wooden stick:

34. The almighty chalk claw:

35. High fashion for your pencil:

36. And putting up all the chairs at the end of the day:

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