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50 Things Basically Everyone Has Experienced But Never, Ever Talks About

Ain't it the truth.

Pretty much every human on Earth has experienced...

1. The eye rub:

Don’t talk to me while I’m rubbing my eye...I’m not gonna hear you

Twitter: @newwxve_

2. The longest walk:

when u get in bed and forget to turn off the lights

3. The eeeeeeeeeeeeee:

4. The true mark of adulthood:

One thing no one ever talks about being an adult is how much time you debate yourself on keeping a cardboard box because it's, like, a really good box.

Twitter: @madameanthro

5. The smack:

6. Ye ol' garbage-can read:

Reading cooking instructions off the bag I just threw out

7. The cup cleanup:

8. The $5 spending spree:

9. The tingles:

tweet reading me hits my elbow my entire nervous system and it's a photo of a glitched out homer simpson

10. The flailing:

tweet reading chasing after a ping pong ball is wildly dehumanizing

11. The unruly hoodie:

12. The final brush:

Is it a universal thing to brush your teeth an hour before the dentist to try and hide the prior 6 months of neglect?

13. The downside of being kind:

you ever been too nice and ended up in a situation that you could've avoided if you had just been an asshole

Twitter: @noahalaktas

14. Those essential minutes:

If I wake up at 8:27 and my alarm was set on 8:30 you can bet 100% imma close my eyes and go back to sleep for those 3 minutes

Twitter: @abigailodm

15. The brain reboot:

Sometimes i say “huh?” then answer the question before the person even repeats themselves. Im not deaf, my brain just be laggin like a 2005 Dell desktop x

Twitter: @sarahmaloneyxx

16. The eternal distrust:

My trust issues so bad I don’t even trust these:

Twitter: @brittyfun

17. The time double-check:

Does anyone else ever pull their phone out to check the time but then have to do it again cuz they forgot to actually look at the clock or am I just stupid

18. The immediate track:

my impatient ass tracking the order i just placed 2 minutes ago

19. The security anxiety:

U know that feeling of anxiety as you’re about to walk past the security sensors on your way out of a store and u think omg did I shove a tv up my ass i can't remember

20. The hidden hill breathing:

Y’all ever try to breathe quieter while walking up a hill so bystanders don’t hear you fighting for your life

21. The line deception:

22. What really happens before an email:

“Apologies for my delayed response. I thought about emailing you back every day for the past two weeks but I just didn’t.”

Twitter: @carlosiruizm

23. The quadruple overpack:

Does anyone else pack underwear for a trip like they're planning on shitting themselves twice for every day they're gone?

24. The immediate ignore:

One of my biggest faults is that when I ask someone their name I forget to listen to what their name is. I really need to work on this

25. The mumbles:

Spongebob heaving as his mouth is pushed open by Patrick with the caption "The Dentist: So how's life going"

26. The most extreme sport:

27. The out-of-body experience:

Do u ever drive like a solid 5 min while thinking about something incredibly random and stupid then ur like were any of those lights I passed green how did I get here WTF ??

Twitter: @RyleeVonhof

28. The vibe check:

Me checking if everyone is vibing with the song i put on

Twitter: @datboijhoson

29. The synchronized breathing:

You ever lay next to someone and try to breath like them and almost die???

30. The super-stupid question:

yall ever have to google a question so dumb that u gotta go into incognito mode

31. Those clicks:

32. The charger yoga:

Me at 3am trying to plug in my charger without getting out of the bed

33. The worst sight to behold:

34. The google of shame:

When you Google the lyrics of a song and realise you’ve been singing nonsense for 6 months

35. The school shuffle:

Who else did this when submitting class work in school😂😂

36. The headphone pull:

When you've got ear phones in but forget and walk away from your laptop

37. The intimate connection:

38. The shower envy:

i should get in the shower *2 hours later someone else starts the shower* me: oh my god fuck you i was JUST about to get in there

39. The sorrow:

Shrek looking sad with the caption "when you agreed to go out and the time to go out is getting closer"

40. The hardest question you'll ever answer:

41. The sweet, sweet crackle:

Meme that reads "When the vacuum cleaner goes over a spot of dirt and you hear that crackle" with Robin Williams saying "That's the good stuff"

42. The out-of-body experience:

me forgetting that i exist while i’m driving

43. The remote trace:

44. The big delay:

45. The soundtrack to life:

46. The very important distinction:

47. That lil' awkward shuffle:

that awkward little run when someone lets you cross the street

48. The hole of no return:

EVERYTHING gets lost here 🤦🏻‍♂️

49. The room fashion show:

when you clean your room & you leave to see how it would look if someone walked in

50. And the ol' towel excuse:

sorry i’m late i was sat on my bed with a towel for 45 minutes staring at a wall.

Valid, honestly.