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    50 People Who Got Roasted Online So Bad They Just Gotta Delete Their Account

    That's gotta sting.

    1. On trees:


    2. On Disney:

    3. On climate change:


    4. On periods:

    person who says rolling an ankle is worse than periods and someone responds i'm so glad girls don't have ankles

    5. On helmets:

    person who refuses to wear a helmet

    6. On wealth:

    person who says only poor people have big TVs and someone says rich people have theaters

    7. On viruses:

    Facebook post about someone citing a low virus death rate but they put all the zeroes in front of the decimal point

    8. On unhappiness:

    person who says there's no i in happyness then someone responds there is if you spell it right

    9. On bodies:

    tweet reading women be like don't objectify my body unless I want you to and someone responds look who just discovered consent

    10. On long-term effects:

    person who says they are worried about long-term vaccine effects

    11. On the Bible:

    person who says sex is for marriage and someone responds sorry didn't you have a kid out of wedlock

    12. On speed:

    person who says they ran a 5K in 12 min and someone says that's the world record

    13. On genes:

    person who says they wonder if they're related to their ancestors

    14. On bans:

    person hoping for a marriage equality ban and someone says even if you ban homosexuality nobody is marrying you

    15. On Mars:

    someone asking why there are no nighttime photos from the Mars rover and someone responds with a black square

    16. On Columbus Day:

    someone saying they'll celebrate Columbus Day and a person responds what are you gonna do, get lost in the spice aisle

    17. On protesting:

    person who says America was not started by protesters and the other person says you are aware of the Boston Tea Party

    18. On kneeling:

    this person who says they will not kneel and someone says you've never had sex and the other person says my kids are proof I have and the other person says you should stop having sex with your kids

    19. On the Civil War:


    20. On vulgarity:

    person who says vaginas are vulgar

    21. On teaching:

    person saying they're not pro choice and then explains how they are actually pro choice

    22. On desperation:

    person who says I think that's called desperate not bisexual and someone respond bisexuality is that I would have sex with men and women; desperation would be sex with you

    23. On rainbows:

    person who says gays stole the rainbow from god

    24. On religion:

    person telling the pope to read the Bible

    25. On filters:

    26. On shots:


    27. On percentages:

    person who says Bernie should give away all his birthday cake for his birthday and  other person replies that's how birthdays work

    28. On books:

    person looking for a subscription service for books and someone says it's called the library

    29. On English:

    person who says no English word except good has a double o and someone says try reading a book

    30. On shelter:


    31. On wood:

    person who says this wood looks like a dog; anyone else see it? and someone says I feel like I see more of a sad pig, and someone says turn on your monitor

    32. On pronouns:

    person who says they don't use pronouns besides me, which is a pronoun

    33. On the behind:

    person who says anal sex is a sin and then another person says you must be concieved via anal

    34. On the Bible:

    Facebook post where someone cites the Bible and gets owned by a Bible quote in return

    35. On awkwardness:

    person who says people who say that awkward moment are bad and no one comments

    36. On grammar:

    person who says women shouldn't have opinions about sports and someone says you're an idiot and the other person uses the wrong your

    37. On radios:

    person who says they wonder if anyone listens to the same song as you and the other person says have you heard of radio

    38. On IDs:

    person who says the governement can track your face if you use face ID and the other person says have you heard of drivers' licenses

    39. On gas:

    person who does not know how an oven works

    40. On spelling:

    person getting mad about spelling mistakes but uses the wrong your

    41. On cellphones:

    tweet about someone getting mad homeless people have phones

    42. On Queen:

    person who thinks Queen is from America

    43. On time:

    person who can't understand 24-hour time

    44. On taxes:

    person who doesn't understand how taxes work

    45. On fast food:

    person who goes into Burger King just to get Diet Cokes

    46. On sexuality:

    person who uses the wrong there

    47. On food:

    shower thoughts post where someone says you're not eating you're just chewing and swallowing and someone says yeah that's called eating

    48. On houses:

    person who doesn't understand why houses are so expensive

    49. This weatherperson:

    person who asks who even uses Celsius and someone responds with a huge map of everyone who does

    50. And on cafés:

    person who says everyone in cafés is below them and then someone says judging by this comment literally nobody is below you

    Got 'em.

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