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    50 Perfect Texts That Make Me Laugh Uncontrollably No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

    These are so good.

    1. The deep question text:

    person asks if butterflies get humans in their stomach when nervous

    2. The decision text:

    person who thinks roe vs wade is a boxing match

    3. The twin text:

    person who says they had twins and someone asks how many babies is that

    4. The potato text:

    person who says a baked potato is a taco

    5. The glasses text:

    funny exchange where an emoji takes off their sunglasses

    6. The WYM text:

    person who doesn't know what wym means

    7. The cookie text:

    text reading wefer

    8. The boiling water text:

    person being told to boil water and they boil cups

    9. The auctioneer text:

    someone asks if their dad can talk about they say not fast like an auctioneer

    10. The baby labor text:

    person who says giving birth was hard and grandpa says you know what was hard ww2

    11. The Dave's text:

    wrong number text that reads hey dave's my milk

    12. The quick photo text:

    person asking for a photo of an item for sale and the seller sends a picture of themselves

    13. The heartfelt message from Grandpa text:

    grandpa responding to an ill pet announcement with a pic of brisket

    14. The deal of a lifetime text:

    person tryiing to sell a lawn mower for 20 thousand

    15. The mineral text:

    someone says they are going to drink cave water

    16. The love text:

    person asks someone to say i love you back and they say it back

    17. The beef text:

    person asks for beef not realizing it's their grand ma ma

    18. The going rates text:

    joke about pie prices in the bahamas where the punchline iis these are the pie rates of the Caribbean

    19. The Google text:

    Text messages from grandma reading, "poo stains google"

    20. The seahorse text:

    someone responds to a serious text with just a bacon seahorse

    21. The sentimental text:

    Text messages from an old person that's about remembering their granddaughter while on the toilet

    22. The Wendy's text:

    text to a grandma about getting wendys after surgery but she's so high she spells it wendjys

    23. The nap text:

    person saying shut up i'm trying to nap and the other person says i thought you were at work and they say i am

    24. The Neal text:

    person sends someone they havent talked to in a while a palce called neal street

    25. The army text:

    someone named sargant balls texts someone and gets made fun of for their name

    26. The accident text:

    one person texts the other that there has been an accident and they freak out and say what happened and they send a picture of a dog in a car that says he forgot to put the car in bark

    27. The bitmoji text:

    grandma sends a bitmoji that says gotta poop

    28. The guacamole text:

    a text on a dating site where someone says, "holy guacamole you're hot" and a response that the person blew it by saying that

    29. The Crocs text:

    two people sexting and one says they took off their crocs and the other says to put them back on

    30. The furry text:

    a person asks their friend what a football furry is and they mean mascot

    31. The eggplant text:

    a person says we are eating eggplant emoji cheese emoji tonight and the other person thinks they mean dick cheese

    32. The mood text:

    mom asking what does mood af mean and the person explains it and they ask why did you comment that under a video of a gorilla throwing shit

    33. The Robert text:

    text saying you're a piece of shit and then is this robert and they say its todd and they say fuck off todd you're a piece of shit too

    34. The TP text:

    wrong number text of someone who spent a lot of money on toilet paaper

    35. The mysterious text:

    text reading shannon number 2

    36. The tuna text:

    wrong number text reading priscilla you stink like tuna everyday

    37. The heaven text:

    text reading did it hurt yah i was talking about the fall from heaven it all hurts my life is pain and suffering

    38. The bird text:

    person sending a pic of a bird and the other person says i hate him dumb bird wing toobig

    39. The frog text:

    person sending a big frog pic and the other person says tell him to be small

    40. The Tina text:

    someone says they need to talk to tina and sends the argentina flag and says its urgent tina

    41. The problem text:

    someone asks if someone has a problem then sends a math problem

    42. The son text:

    someone eats someone else's hummus

    43. The Joe text:

    wrong number to a person asking for joe and the other person says joe mama

    44. The dumbest text:

    text that says, "That was the dumbest fucking thing I've ever texted" followed by another text that says "You left your phone here"

    45. The website text:

    a response that a website is "normal screen size" when asked how big it is

    46. The deer text:

    someone bumps into a deer

    47. The old friend text:

    someone embarasses themselves in the bahtroom

    48. The pig text:

    voice to text mistaking paint bucket for pig fucker

    49. The Bionicle text:

    person sending a bioncle because they are angry

    50. And the life and times of Worms Boy:

    someone named jared worms boys texts a stranger