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    50 Pictures That Make Me Lose My Faith In Humanity No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

    Idiots walk among us.

    1. On returns:

    seller asking for proof someone did not recieve a lamp and they just send their empty hand

    2. On ancestry:

    person wondering if they are related to their ancestors

    3. On English:

    Person who says no English word except good has a double o and someone says try reading a book

    4. On maps:

    person confusing africa and south america

    5. On aaron:

    person confusing the word errand and aaron

    6. On communication:

    person asking how to communicate with blind people

    7. On the days of the week:

    person who says ain't had time to play on my phone because i work 24/7 5 days a week

    8. On grandmas:

    Person confusing salmonella with "sell my nana"

    9. On power outages:

    person using candles to cook food when they have a gas stove

    10. On dogs:

    tweet says dogs can't talk so they don't have brains

    11. On gravity:

    person wondering why the earth doesnt fall down despite floating in space

    12. On uncles:

    person who thinks every spanish person has an uncle named tio]

    13. On traffic:

    person who sat in traffic for a while behind parked cars

    14. On baking:

    facebook post of someone saying they're baking cookies and need to double the recipe so they're going to set the oven to 800

    15. On birthdays:

    tweet reading why tf is there a birthday candle for 0 nobody turns zero years old

    16. On danger:

    person saying they found bullets on the ground but they're just drill bits

    17. On passwords:

    tweet of someone posting their password online

    18. On Oreos:

    person cooking oreos in oil

    19. On countries:

    person who says there are only 7 countries

    20. On bugs:

    person confusing bedbugs and lady bugs

    21. On microwaves:

    person who blew up their kitchen with a penny in a microwave

    22. On the police:

    person who says the police should just ask the person who got murdered who killed them

    23. On superpowers:

    person who says iron man is made of iron not metal

    24. On birth:

    person who says because people die and are born at the same time the population should be zero

    25. On new pictures from Mars:

    mars picture with a comment reading why the pic show the sun shining there is sun in mars

    26. On people:

    tweet saying people can't be animals

    27. On drugs:

    person holding a pez that they think is a dangerous drug

    28. On language:

    facebook convo where someone asks for the dimensions of a washing machine and the other person says they don't speak spanish

    29. On mammals:

    facebook post where someone says dolphins are fake

    30. On math:

    facebook math probem that reads when i was 6 my sister was half my age now i'm 70 how old is she and someone answers 35

    31. On bodies:

    person who says why dont humans evaporate if they are 60 percent water

    32. On printers:

    yahoo answers question where someone is trying to print a gif

    33. On clouds:

    person who thinks the sun is not 93 million miles away

    34. On dinosaurs:

    person who says dinosaurs cant exist because the earth is 2021 years old

    35. On the natural progression:

    person driving with their knees who crashes their car

    36. On Pluto:

    person who says plutonium comes from pluto

    37. On travel:

    tweet reading goodbye america hello new york

    38. On fun liquids:

    person playing with mercury

    39. On diamonds:

    person who says 1 gram of diamond weighs 15 grams

    40. On water:

    person who spelled thirst with a 3

    41. On spelling:

    person saying you can't spell at without a and someone says without a what

    42. On crispness:

    person confusing a baby for a lasagna

    43. On books:

    person asking if there's a subscription for books and someone answers it's called a library

    44. On ice:

    tweet about a person not understanding how water works

    45. On euthanasia:

    person mixinig up anestehic and euthanasia

    46. On children:

    tweet of someone asking why women never have to take baby paternity tests

    47. On death:

    person asking death row inmates what their last meal was

    48. On sneezing:

    person confusing gazunheit with gazoon itight

    49. On cooking:

    person baking a cutting board

    50. And on eggs:

    person eating a hard boiled egg with the shell on