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    50 Of The Absolute Dumbest Things People Have Actually Posted On Facebook

    I think you're confused.

    1. On grandmas:

    Person confusing salmonella with "sell my nana"

    2. On English:

    Person who says no English word except good has a double o and someone says try reading a book

    3. On protesting:

    Person who says America was not started by protesters and the other person says you are aware of the Boston Tea Party

    4. On the grand old flag:

    Person who says if you like Bernie go to Canada, and they use the flag of Liberia instead of the US flag

    5. On the vastness of space:

    Facebook post of someone who says the sun is not 93 million miles away because the sun is big in the sky

    6. On mammals:

    Facebook post about a person who says humans — homo sapiens — aren't mammals (or animals)

    7. On pirates:

    Facebook post reading, "OMG as if i have just found out that pirates are acsually real"

    8. On meat:

    Facebook post saying "Yes, I'm a vegan; yes, I eat meat; we exist"

    9. On the metric system:

    Map of the world highlighting countries that don't use the metric system and Alaska is highlighted and a person responds that Alaska is not a country

    10. On South Africa:

    Person who doesn't understand that South Africa can be a country because it's in Africa and how can a country be in another country

    11. On pity:

    Person confusing symphony with sympathy

    12. On Native Americans:

    Person who thinks Native Americans aren't native to the Americas

    13. On fridges:

    Marketplace ad reading "Fridge raider"

    14. On the Bible:

    Person who says Jesus wrote the Bible and is American

    15. On cows:

    Facebook post asking "Can you buy cows milk abroad?"

    16. On the sun:

    Facebook event of a woman asking to reschedule a solar eclipse

    17. On relaxation:

    Facebook post of a person saying they've been trying new ways to relax including essential oils and incest instead of incense

    18. On baking:

    Facebook post of someone saying they're baking cookies and need to double the recipe, so they're going to set the oven to 800

    19. On farming:

    Facebook post of an article about farmer problems and someone says why is there a need for farmers when most people just go to the grocery store

    20. On sexual orientation:

    Facebook post of someone posting a form asking sexual orientation and they're mad "straight" isn't an option but it says heterosexual

    21. On safe cooking:

    Someone asking if anyone has ever gotten "salmon vanilla" from chicken that's not fully cooked—and the chicken looks raw

    22. On subscriptions:

    Person asking if there's a subscription for books where you order books and return them when you're done and get more, and someone answers it's called a library

    23. On headphones:

    Someone selling wireless Apple earbuds with the wire cut off

    24. On dinosaurs:

    Facebook post of someone saying if dinosaurs became extinct a million years ago, why is it only 2019

    25. On dogs:

    Facebook post of a person asking if dogs have brains, since they can't talk

    26. On washing dishes:

    Facebook post of someone who dried to clean plates in a dryer

    27. On the dinosaurs:

    Facebook post reading how is it that cavemen survived the asteroid but the dinosaurs didn't

    28. On haircuts:

    Facebook post reading "i cuted my hair an it went back to curly"

    29. On math:

    Facebook post of someone messing up an easy math problem royally

    30. On boards:

    Facebook conversation of someone who misspells "bored" as "board"

    31. On books:

    Person saying they have a short "tension span"

    32. On the only way to cook food:

    Marketplace ad reading, "over the counter Michael wave"

    33. On the best-smelling furniture:

    Person selling an "ass scent chair"

    34. On the climate:

    Person calling global warming "glow ball warning"

    35. On candles:

    Apparently three of this person's aunts confused a battery-operated light with a candle and tried to light it

    36. On Rome:

    Tweet of someone asking if there's a Rome in Italy or is it just in Georgia

    37. On seating:

    Marketplace ad reading, "IKEA folder bull chairs"

    38. On NASCAR:

    Facebook reply to an article about NASCAR banning Confederate flags saying that NASCAR is a scam because "they never went to the moon"

    39. On sports:

    Facebook post about how complicated American football is and how the rest of the world can't handle it, but a reply says they have it in Europe and South America, and the response is "OK, that is two countries"

    40. On grandmas:

    Marketplace ad reading, "My grams abdomen"

    41. On poops from another universe:

    Marketplace ad reading, "Portal potty"

    42. On electricity:

    Facebook post of someone trying to put an outlet cover on backward

    43. On guns:

    Person tells someone to go to Panama if they want gun control because this is America, and they say they ARE in Panama

    44. On Barb's husband:

    A marketplace post selling "Bob wire"

    45. On the perfect couch:

    Marketplace ad reading, "Foot on bed"

    46. On cafés:

    Person says everyone in cafés is below them and they're not saying please to them, and someone says, "Judging by this comment, there is literally nobody is below you"

    47. On the sun:

    Picture of the sun burning, and the person is like, how can it burn in space, since fire requires oxygen

    48. On marriage:

    Person who refers to a "mute point" and says sex is for marriage, and someone responds, "I'm sorry, didn't you have a kid out of wedlock?"

    49. On speed:

    Person says they ran a 5k in 10 minutes, and someone else says the world record is 12 minutes

    50. And on books:

    Facebook post saying "Book readers are ever reading and never coming to true knowledge" and that reading books makes you dumber