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    35 Pictures That Will Unlock Core Memories From The Deepest Part Of Your Brain

    The nostalgia is overwhelming.

    1. The wet grass on your feet that never went away:

    Twitter: @cxlxbbb

    2. Those big old clunky soda machine buttons:

    3. Running out of the car to drop a movie through this:

    a customer returns a video game to a Blockbuster store

    4. That field trip air:

    tweet reading the air on the morning of field trips hit different

    5. That one clock:

    6. The hotel struggle:

    7. The most glorious meal:

    8. The magical power of a good HAW HAW:

    tweet reading i'm this old with isopropyl alcohol and a CD

    9. Getting hypnotized by this:

    windows media player

    10. That one ball:

    purple inflatable ball

    11. Sliding down down this exact slide:

    wooden playground

    12. The place to be:

    You had to be there. On a Friday night.

    Twitter: @RGT_Thoughts

    13. Those blocks that just magically appeared in classrooms:

    red classroom blocks

    14. The start of everyone's lying:

    reading log

    15. Convalescing in the nurse's office:

    16. The gym mats that provided absolutely zero protection:

    17. The world's best toothpaste:

    18. The two best times to fall asleep as a kid:

    a classroom TV and an overhead projector

    19. The holy quadrilogy:

    a CD, a sharpie, limewire logo, and a dell desktop computer

    20. These tongue destroyers:


    21. Pre-cellphone entertainment:

    22. The promised land:

    N64s inside a mcdonald's

    23. That loud CRACK:

    text reading no one old tvs at 3am and Crack

    24. Late nights in the back of a car with the Gameboy:

    gameboy illuminated by a light

    25. Getting nailed in the nose with one of these:

    those red kickball balls

    26. These cups just magically appearing everywhere:

    disney cups

    27. These plates improving the taste of food tenfold:

    disney plates

    28. Opening a textbook marveling at those that came before you:

    textbook sign in page

    29. The alpha and the omega of fruit snacks:

    shark bite gummies

    30. So many free CDs:

    free CDs from a cereal box

    31. The original engagement ring:

    i love you wooden box

    32. The intense minty-ness:

    ice breakers liquid ice candy

    33. That mystical "ball room" in the back of every elementary school gym:

    34. Becoming Field Day champion:

    field day ribbons

    35. The lost piece devestation:

    And this. Just, this:

    big comfy couch screengrab