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    35 Hall Passes That Make Me Laugh Every Single Time I Think About Them

    Give these teachers a raise.

    Who needs a boring old slip of paper when you've got...

    1. An exceptionally large coconut:

    2. A toaster:

    3. A cinder block:

    4. A construction barrel:

    5. A stand-up bass:

    6. A toilet seat:

    7. Bob Ross:

    and the bathroom pass is a big hit. 😆

    Twitter: @minicheks

    8. A baby's leg:

    9. Just a big jar of dirt:

    10. A literal rock with the literal Rock on it:

    11. The Great Pumpkin:

    12. An entire desk:

    13. A human bone:

    My anatomy teacher’s bathroom pass is a human leg bone

    Twitter: @interest_mild

    14. Literally just a thing of syrup:

    15. A block of ice:

    16. A floppy disk:

    17. A seven foot tall female bear:

    18. A gamecube controller:

    19. A ten foot tall pencil:

    20. A lit'ral lamp:

    21. A kayak paddle:

    22. A big ass lid:

    23. A Spongebob meme:

    Twitter: @sanntiiva

    24. The skull of poor Yorick:

    Yorick is the new bathroom pass. #mementomori kids!

    Twitter: @Dustytext

    25. A big ol' spoon:

    26. RuPaul:

    27. A bottle of soap filled with suspicious liquid:

    28. The leg of a Barbie Doll with "Gucci" written on it:

    29. The severed head of an alligator:

    30. A CD case filled with what looks like popcorn kernels:

    31. An ancient wiping device:

    Any historians want to take a stab at what our new bathroom pass is? Hint: In Rome, it was number one for number two’s

    Twitter: @cmsMAC110

    32. A guitar case:

    I’ve gotten some strange looks - and some smiles - with my new bathroom pass. Don’t worry… it’s empty.

    Twitter: @JamesDivineCO

    33. A cinder block with a phone drilled on the middle:

    the bathroom pass for my ceramics class is a cinder block with a phone drilled on the middle

    Twitter: @bugghugger

    34. A mysterious fruit or vegetable:

    35. A gigantic white board:

    My calculus class feels like a goddamn fever dream. My teacher literally had a whiteboard as a bathroom pass. I had to go the bathroom with a whiteboard with me and I was dying of laughter on my way to the bathroom and the class

    Twitter: @SirDiabeetus

    And, finally, a sign that tells you what's REALLY up:

    Twitter: @sarahkatewhit

    Jeez, and I can't stress the next part enough, Louise!