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33 Things From Your Childhood You're Never Going To Eat Again

RIP in peace.

1. Creme Savers:

These all but disappeared from the face of the earth over the last few years.

2. Altoids Sours:

These sweet, glorious tongue destroyers have been off shelves since 2008.

3. 3D Doritos:

Twitter: @yasmina0812

We lost an extra dimension in 2005.

4. Dunkaroos:

The holy grail of childhood snacks hasn't been in the US since 2012.

5. Reese's Bites:

The alpha and the omega of Reese's deliciousness went the way of the buffalo in 2008.

6. Oreo O's:

We haven't been able to have cookies for breakfast since 2007...but they're still available in South Korea!

7. Vault Soda:

You haven't been able to get ALL JACKED UP ON VAULT since 2011.

8. Cinnamon and spearmint Tic Tacs:

Facebook: TicTacUSA

Both have been gone since 2014.

9. Trix shaped like fruit:

Trix have been spherical 2006.

10. Lime-flavored Skittles:

Green Skittles changed from lime-flavored to apple-flavored in 2013.

11. Pepsi Blue:

Twitter: @jason_fenty

This sweet nectar has been gone from North America since 2004...but it's still available in Indonesia.

12. Swoops:

Remember these chip shaped chocolates? They also came in Almond Joy and Hershey Bar flavors. They've been gone since 2006.

13. Fruit String Thing:

These things have been gone since the mid-2000s.

14. Sprite Remix:

DJ Khaled's favorite soda has been gone since 2005.

15. Taco Bell's Verde Salsa:

It hasn't been easy being green since last year.

16. Chicken Selects:

Twitter: @realKurtKurman

Long nuggs have been long gone since 2013.

17. Original Pepsi Vanilla:

The world has been without this sweet treat (although cherry vanilla still exists) since the late 2000s.

18. Fruitopia:

Fruit paradise was lost in 2003.

19. Squeezits:

Facebook: Squeeze-Its

Squeezed off this mortal coil in 2001.

20. Snapple Elements:

The mid-2000s claimed these beautiful beasts.

21. Skittles gum:

You haven't been able to CHEW THE RAINBOW since 2006.

22. Butterfinger BB's:

We haven't been able to get our BB's on since 2006.

23. Clearly Canadian:

Twitter: @YahIsTruth

They've been gone for quite some time now, unless you were lucky enough to get on their limited-return run. Good news is you can still buy a pallet of them for a few thousand dollars.

24. Slice:

Almost impossible to get that orangey goodness since 2009.

25. White Shark Bites:

Okay, so you can still get Shark Bites on Amazon...but white sharks? They're long gone.

26. Orbitz:

Sodas have had way less stuff flyin' around in them since 1998.

27. Uh-Oh! Oreo:

They were rebranded as "Golden Oreos" in the mid-2000s, which is good, because Oreos are never a mistake.

28. Jell-O pudding pops:

Pudding has not been popping since the late 2000s.

29. P.B. Crisps:

Collecting Candy / Via

Mr. Peanut's crispy cousin has been gone since 1995.

30. Pizzarias:

The only food that combined the two most precious foods into one has been gone since the '90s.

31. Ouch! Gum:

Twitter: @BigDan_Lord

Specifically when it looked like bandage. We've been ouch-free since 2009.

32. Bubble Jug:

We've been jug-less for years.

33. Wonder Balls:

Kids haven't been able to get trinkets stuck in their mouth in the US since 1996.

34. Gone...but not forgotten.