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Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Jul 5, 2012

25 Animals You Never Knew Could Be Cute

I'm tired of cats and dogs stealing the spotlight. OPEN YOUR MIND!

1. Snails:


2. Octopuses:

3. Spiders:

This is a Peacock spider.


This is an Orchid Mimic spider.

4. Rats:

Photo by Jessica Florence / Via Flickr: necilbug

5. Alligators:

6. Chameleons:

7. Crows:

8. Pufferfish:

9. Dragonflies:

Photo by Martin Amm / Via

This is a red-veined darter:

10. Pigs:

11. Moths:


This is an Elephant Hawk moth.


13. Hippos:

14. Caterpillars:


This is a Cup Moth caterpillar.

Photo by Gerardo Aizpuru / Via

And this is a Jewel Caterpillar and its butterfly.

15. Toads:

16. Beetles:


This is a Golden Tortoise beetle.

17. Falcons:

18. Armadillos:

Photo by Cesar Paniamogan Jr / Via Flickr: 21286580@N07

19. Earwigs:

Photo by Christian Legan / Via Flickr: christiaan_25

20. Raccoons:


21. Bats:

22. Ostriches:

Photo by Markus Walti / Via

23. Toucans:

24. Donkeys:

25. Anteaters:

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