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25 Animals You Never Knew Could Be Cute

I'm tired of cats and dogs stealing the spotlight. OPEN YOUR MIND!

1. Snails:


2. Octopuses:

3. Spiders:

This is a Peacock spider.


This is an Orchid Mimic spider.

4. Rats:

Photo by Jessica Florence / Via Flickr: necilbug

5. Alligators:

6. Chameleons:

7. Crows:

8. Pufferfish:

9. Dragonflies:

Photo by Martin Amm / Via

This is a red-veined darter:

10. Pigs:

11. Moths:


This is an Elephant Hawk moth.


13. Hippos:

14. Caterpillars:


This is a Cup Moth caterpillar.

Photo by Gerardo Aizpuru / Via

And this is a Jewel Caterpillar and its butterfly.

15. Toads:

16. Beetles:


This is a Golden Tortoise beetle.

17. Falcons:

18. Armadillos:

Photo by Cesar Paniamogan Jr / Via Flickr: 21286580@N07

19. Earwigs:

Photo by Christian Legan / Via Flickr: christiaan_25

20. Raccoons:


21. Bats:

22. Ostriches:

Photo by Markus Walti / Via

23. Toucans:

24. Donkeys:

25. Anteaters:

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