23 People You Seriously Won't Believe Actually Exist

    Is this real life?

    1. People who carry pizzas without ANY concern for the pizza's wellbeing:

    2. People who disrespect ice cream and eat it with a fork:

    3. People who go all hog wild on a corn cob:

    4. People who think milk goes first:

    5. People who leave donuts in this sad, sad state:

    6. People who eat Pop-Tarts like a monster:

    7. People who blanket their fries in ketchup like a g.d. barbarian:

    8. People who just munch on into Twizzlers:

    9. People who eat pizza like a monster:

    10. People who think it's "okay" or "totally fine" to dip cookies into juice:

    11. People who mash into a burrito like it's an ice cream cone:

    12. People who eat tacos bit by bit by bit by bit:

    13. People who just chomp on into a cheese stick like an insane person:

    14. People who rip the soul out of a Reeses:

    15. People who think bubble tape is some kind of GAME:

    16. People who somehow, somewhere learned to eat spaghetti???? with a FORK???

    17. People who were somehow raised to eat Kit-Kats like this:

    18. People who don't eat the "crust?????" of a pancake?????

    19. People who use orange juice instead of milk:

    20. People who leave enough wing meat to feed a family:

    21. People who dive on into a kiwi with absolutely no worries in the world:

    22. People who have no idea how to handle a cereal box:

    23. And people who think it's okay to eat all the cream from an Oreo: