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    Updated on Oct 13, 2019. Posted on Jul 2, 2018

    23 People You Seriously Won't Believe Actually Exist

    Is this real life?

    1. People who carry pizzas without ANY concern for the pizza's wellbeing:

    2. People who disrespect ice cream and eat it with a fork:

    3. People who go all hog wild on a corn cob:

    4. People who think milk goes first:

    5. People who leave donuts in this sad, sad state:

    6. People who eat Pop-Tarts like a monster:

    7. People who blanket their fries in ketchup like a g.d. barbarian:

    8. People who just munch on into Twizzlers:

    9. People who eat pizza like a monster:

    10. People who think it's "okay" or "totally fine" to dip cookies into juice:

    11. People who mash into a burrito like it's an ice cream cone:

    12. People who eat tacos bit by bit by bit by bit:

    13. People who just chomp on into a cheese stick like an insane person:

    14. People who rip the soul out of a Reeses:

    15. People who think bubble tape is some kind of GAME:

    16. People who somehow, somewhere learned to eat spaghetti???? with a FORK???

    17. People who were somehow raised to eat Kit-Kats like this:

    18. People who don't eat the "crust?????" of a pancake?????

    19. People who use orange juice instead of milk:

    20. People who leave enough wing meat to feed a family:

    21. People who dive on into a kiwi with absolutely no worries in the world:

    22. People who have no idea how to handle a cereal box:

    23. And people who think it's okay to eat all the cream from an Oreo:

    Twitter: @JennyWashburn

    It's not okay.