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    23 Pictures That Pretty Much Perfectly Sum Up How Awful 2020 Has Been

    It's been a year.

    1. 2020 is this freshly poured beer:

    2. It's this series of events:

    3. And it's this volleyball match:

    4. It's this umbrella:

    5. It's this trip to the beach:

    6. And it's this delicious pizza:

    7. 2020 is this delicious stew:

    8. It's this delicious ice cream:

    9. And it's this bathroom disaster:

    10. 2020 is this bottle of Coke:

    11. It's this turn of events:

    12. It's this scale:

    13. And it's this delicious flavor:

    14. 2020 is this bottle:

    15. It's this special surprise:

    16. It's this birthday celebration:

    17. And it's this guy trying to put out a fire:

    18. 2020 is this photo session:

    19. It's this fast-food disaster:

    20. This door:

    21. It's this horrifying pancake:

    22. It's this man just trying to do his damn job:

    23. But mostly 2020 is this fire extinguisher:

    Twitter: @Liv_Wirezz

    I think that sums it up.