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24 Pictures That Prove 2019 Is Basically The Damn Future

Welcome to the future.

1. We FINALLY know what Pluto looks like:

2. Floppy discs might as well be from the Stone Age:

3. 128MB has become 256GB:

4. By the way, this is what 10MB looked like in the 1960s:

5. There are SHOES that can be CHARGED:

6. Ambulance drones:

7. Self-sanitizing doors:

8. Toasters with "lift and look" buttons so you can see how far along your toast is:

9. Helmets with rearview cameras:

10. Prosthetic legs that look like this:

11. And need I remind you we have our first image of what a black hole looks like?

12. We can translate everything on the go:

13. Mothers can touch and feel 3D prints of their children before they're even born:

14. While we're at it, see this picture? That's the world's smallest computer next to a single GRAIN OF RICE:

15. People are forgetting to charge THEIR ARMS:

16. You can get a camera FOR AN EYE:

17. Drones are saving the Earth:

18. And on top of that, we have telescopes that can capture images of over 15,000 galaxies. 15,000!

19. That cutting edge phone everyone had in 2004 is in a MUSEUM:

20. So is the N64:

21. Just keep this in mind: This is 1994 versus 2019:

22. Flash drives that display how full they are:

23. I mean...

24. Welcome to the future: