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5 Mistakes Men Make In The Bedroom

As a man you probably think you’ve got it going on in the sack. After all, you’ve never gotten any complaints, right? Maybe not but there’s always room for improvement. Not every woman is going to hand you a list of the mistakes you’ve made on her way out the door. So, to save you further embarrassment, here is a list of 5 common mistakes men make in the bedroom.

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1. Forgetting Foreplay

Sometimes, you just can’t help it. You’re into it, you’re tearing each other’s clothes off and you can’t wait to be skin on skin. But even though this might be your ideal, it’s not always hers. Skimping on foreplay is one of the primary mistakes men make in the bedroom. Foreplay isn’t always about kissing, cuddling, and whispering what you want to do to her in bed; it’s also about setting the mood. The candlelight dinner, the naughty text, and that look across the room can all add up to putting her in the mood for a sizzling evening.

2. Not Reading Body Language

Another one of the common mistakes men make in the bedroom is not paying attention to her body language. When you kiss her there, does she moan and push herself closer to you or does she giggle and move away? Don’t just focus on what worked with other women or what you think she might like. Really listen to what her body is telling you and the experience will be more satisfying for you both.

3. Finishing Too Fast

Nobody expects you to last an hour in the bedroom but less than 10 minutes is just not going to do it for her. Practicing penile control is important to ensure the lady in your life is satisfied. If you’re having trouble, there are natural male enhancement products on the market that can help you regain control of premature ejaculation.

4. Using the Same Moves Over and Over

If you know she likes something, you’re probably going to do it all the time. After all, it’s a hit right? Yes and no. Again, read her body language. She may like what you’ve been doing for the past few months (or years), but change it up a little every once in the while. Surprise her. Excite her. Throw something new into the mix. If she doesn’t care for it, maybe it will open up a dialogue about exactly how you can spice things up in the bedroom.

5. Ruining the Moment

Okay, sex in real life is not always like what you see in the movies. People make less-than-attractive body noises they can’t help and laughing about it or commenting on it will only ruin the moment. If she farts (or you do), let it go, so-to-speak, and just keep things going. Trust me, she’ll be grateful!

The next time you’re in an intimate moment with the woman in your life, think about the common mistakes men make in bed…and avoid them. Focus on her, listen to what her body is telling you, and you’ll both have more satisfying sex.

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