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    22 Painful Gaming Memories Only '90s Kids Will Have

    Best decade in gaming history? Maybe, but we had to put up with a lot of crap.

    1. Staying up until sunrise because your game had no save or password feature.

    2. The devastation when you had to take a rented game back to Blockbuster before finishing it.

    3. Your dusty Mega Drive and SNES carts refusing to work no matter how many times you blew in them.

    4. Not being able to see your Game Boy's screen on a sunny day.

    5. The sheer anguish when you heard Channel 4 had cancelled GamesMaster.

    6. Bombing yourself into a corner then dying within the first five seconds of a Bomberman match.

    7. When your PlayStation memory card was full, so you'd have to agonise over which save files to delete.

    8. When the Game Gear's feeble battery died just as you were about to complete something.

    9. The sheer rage when a Tekken n00b beat you by mashing Eddy Gordo's kicks.

    10. When you'd been rinsing multiplayer on 56k dial-up, and your parents opened their phone bill.

    11. Two words: Water Temple.

    12. When you found a save room in Resident Evil and didn't have an ink ribbon.

    13. Having to turn your PlayStation upside down because the lens was knackered.

    14. And when the Time Crisis gun wouldn't calibrate properly no matter how hard you tried.

    15. When you realised the SNES version of Mortal Kombat had no blood or fatalities.

    16. Your "friend" taking both chickens when you were about to die in Streets of Rage.

    17. When your buddy would do this right before the finishing line when you were playing Road Rash.

    18. The moment you realised you have to complete Ghouls 'n' Ghosts TWICE to get the good ending.

    19. Trying to beat Contra without the Konami code.

    20. The fucking Medusa heads from Castlevania on the NES.

    21. The soul-crushing disappointment of the Super Mario Bros. movie.

    22. And, worst of all, when your pal would make you player two, and force you to use the shit controller.

    But hey, it wasn't all bad.