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    Edinburgh: What It's Like In Your Twenties Vs. Your Thirties

    RIP Flip.

    1. The Fringe in your twenties.

    The Fringe in your thirties.

    Flickr: kyz / Creative Commons

    Those two extra hours of drinking during the Fringe now sound like hell on Earth, and you're utterly shattered before 10pm hits. What happened to you?

    2. The Hive in your twenties.

    The Hive in your thirties.

    3. Being a metal fan in your twenties.

    Being a metal fan in your thirties.

    Flickr: mikemurry / Creative Commons

    You miss The Mission and remember when Edinburgh metal clubs used to play good music. And you can't go to Opium Rockeoke because it's on a bloody Monday. Even their booze tastes awful now. Again, what happened?

    4. Cockburn Street in your twenties.

    Flickr: morebyless / Creative Commons

    At 20, Cockburn Street is all about piling in for a Pizza Hut buffet, before window shopping at Whiplash Trash or Applejack, then sitting on the steps with your pals.

    Cockburn Street in your thirties.

    5. Being a student in your twenties.

    Flickr: technicolourcity / Creative Commons

    Edinburgh has pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants with pubs, bars with restaurants, and at least two Nando's to choose from. It's basically a paradise.

    Not being a student in your thirties.

    Flickr: dun_deagh / Creative Commons

    "They're building ANOTHER block of student flats on Leith Walk? What about homes for us 'regular' people? And why are they all 'luxury apartments'? That's not very character-building."

    6. Fringe flyers in your twenties.

    Flickr: steviegreer / Creative Commons

    "Oh nice, here's a free show that sounds pretty good. I've got hunners of energy, no kids to worry about, and loads of time. Let's go see it now."

    Fringe flyers in your thirties.

    7. Clubbing in your twenties.

    Not clubbing in your thirties.

    8. Fast food in your twenties.

    All food in your thirties.

    9. Night buses in your twenties.

    Flickr: sockenklaus / Creative Commons

    You're young, hammered, and you don't have cash to blow on Edinburgh's expensive taxis. Even if you did, you wouldn't want to pay the dreaded "spew tax" after having an accident, so an affordable ride on a Lothian night bus is a great option.

    Night buses in your thirties.

    10. Irn-Bru in your twenties.

    Irn-Bru in your thirties.

    11. Clothes shopping in your twenties.

    Clothes shopping in your thirties.

    Flickr: 27718315@N02 / Creative Commons

    Commiserations! You now lay awake at night worrying if the skinny-fit jeans you just purchased from Primark make you look like a wally, and if you'll even be able to fit into them a month from now.

    12. The Mound in your twenties.

    Flickr: richbs / Creative Commons

    It's that big hill you quickly (and easily) walk or jog up to meet your mates at Wash Bar for a bevvy.

    The Mound in your thirties.

    Flickr: 16190595@N05 / Creative Commons

    It's a gauntlet that makes you feel your age, which you try to avoid if possible. Pro tip: Take the road up instead of tackling those steep steps by the National Gallery if you want to survive.

    13. Wings in your twenties.

    Wings in your thirties.

    14. Pub lunches in your twenties.

    Flickr: tnarik / Creative Commons

    Go cheap or go home (or at the very least go for a burger and pint deal). Scream cards, undercooked chips, and 2-for-1 student offers are your friend here – anyone who has been to The Tron surely knows this one.

    Pub lunches in your thirties.

    15. Scottish sweeties in your twenties.

    Flickr: chocolatereviews / Creative Commons

    Highland Toffee, Irn-Bru bars, tablet, and all the free samples you can pocket from the Royal Mile Fudge Kitchen. Fill your boots while you still have your pearly whites.

    Scottish sweeties in your thirties.

    16. Arcades in your twenties.

    Flickr: st3f4n / Creative Commons

    Here's the plan: a cheeky Nando's at Fountainpark, followed by a night at Mega Bowl, some Dance Dance Revolution, and Time Crisis.

    Arcades in your thirties.

    Flickr: sheeppurple / Creative Commons

    Portobello used to boast one of the finest and best-stocked arcades in Scotland, but now it's just a knackered House of the Dead cabinet, countless puggies, a few sliding coin machines, and your fading childhood memories.

    17. Sundays in your twenties.

    Sundays in your thirties.

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