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10 Courses That Would Be More Useful Than Foundations Classes

It doesn't matter what you call them, "Foundations" or "Generals", university mandated courses are chalk full of information we students don't need. Here are 10 classes that would be a better alternative.

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1. Basic Automotive Skills / Via

So every father can feel good knowing his ditzy daughter can graduate college knowing how to change a tire. Its really not that hard people, but it is still more useful than Math 108.

3. How to dress like a college student (AKA Hipster 101)

If you make it 4 years without realizing that college has a certain style, then you must be engineering major. Why not make it easy on the poor kids that never leave the Romney and the Austin. Those running shoes and jeans are just too mainstream for a freethinking college student.

6. How to negotiate a raise, or at least a better desk

On a serious note, this is something that all college grads will have to do eventually. Unless you're a Comm major, I don't think they even get an income.

8. What to do when graduating single BIO423

1.Come to realization that you made it through a meat market without meeting anyone.

2.Dig a whole and lie in it.

Still not as much torture as taking Capstone.

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