16 Reasons Papa Peachez Should Have Won "American Idol"

He’s a gypsy on the rise, a green eyed woman in disguise and he doesn’t tell lies. Clearly, he deserved to win — or at least make it through the second round.

1. This was his audition.

2. He has killer dance moves.

3. He makes this face when he sings.

4. And this one.

5. Can’t forget this one.

6. His lyrics are deep.

7. He wrote this jewel.

9. He doesn’t support name thieves.

10. He’s a natural born leader.

11. He’s considerate.

12. He made this look happen.

13. Nicki Manaj loves him.

14. So do D-list celebrities.

15. And Adam Lambert…

16. But most importantly, he’s not afraid to be himself.

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