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    16 Animals That Love Getting Their Daily Exercise

    Summer may be coming to an end, but these animals are determined to keep their bikini bodies.

    1. This corgi stays tight with some yoga booty ballet.


    Yep. I can definitely feel the burn.

    2. This polar bear ditched the workout and joined the party, the Zumba party.


    There's actually no such thing as global warming, his dance moves are just so hot they make ice melt.

    3. These elephants are getting down and dirty to lose that thirty.


    They also may or may not be training for Girls Gone Wild.

    4. These little brown bears box it out for those big muscles.


    They plan to look like this in a few years.

    5. This hippo is training for the 200-meter.


    Watch out Usain Bolt, that gold is his.

    6. This deer just finished doing some water aerobics.


    Don't let that innocent face fool you, he totally peed in the pool.

    7. This dog enjoys riding a bike.


    And making training wheels look cool.

    8. This monkey enjoys riding a dog.


    And getting as far away from Justin Bieber as he can.

    9. This turtle breaks stereotypes with his speedy skateboard.


    Kick push, kick push.

    10. This monkey is doing some serious tree squats while his friend spots him.


    Or he's being violated ... sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

    11. This meerkat loves doing leg lifts.


    Gotta keep those glutes looking good for the ladies.

    12. This bulldog means business when it comes to cardio.


    He's totally listening to "Walk It Out," by UNK.

    13. 50 told this frog to do pull-ups to get buff ...

    He did two and a half and then couldn't get up.

    14. This goat totally deserves a surf sponsor ...


    Or his own reality show. He's clearly more talented than the Kardashians.

    15. This lemur likes to meditate while doing tongue exercises.


    Or he's just ridiculously high.

    16. This pug started doing gymnastics last week and he can already do a walking handstand.


    Look at that form, that grace, that ... wait is he peeing?

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