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    Reactions You Get When You Tell People You're A Lesbian

    We never just come out once unless we're super famous. We'll spend the next ever telling people that we're gay and their responses can be amazing, ridiculous, heartwarming and moronic. Here are a few favourites from the team at

    "But you're so pretty?"

    "So, do you fancy me?"

    "I always wanted a gay best friend!"

    "How do you know if you've never been with a boy?"

    "Can I join in with you and your girlfriend?"

    They just sit in silence with a confused look on their face.

    "Such a shame, I know a guy who'd be perfect for you."

    "I knew it, I totally knew it!"

    "Ooh, I know another lesbian, you should go out with her."

    "Great, got any sex tips?"

    And then there are these reactions <3

    "It crossed my mind, I just wanted to wait until you were ready."

    "You're still you so I don't care."

    "Whatever you are is fine with me. I still love you."

    "Cool. Let's get pizza."