23 Nights Every Girl Has Had At London’s Candy Bar

London’s famous lesbian hangout, Candy Bar, is closing it’s doors this week. It’s a sad time for women who love women but we’re taking a trip down memory lane, re-living the common experiences we all have at lesbo bars. Find more lesbian/bisexual/curious articles, pics, LOLs etc at Dattch.com

1. When you were adamant you were just staying for one drink.

Nice try.

2. When it was a Wednesday, at 1.30am and you were still going strong. That was when this happened.

You didn’t want to go to work in the morning anyway.

3. When you spotted the girl who came to the bar by herself.

Like she just needs a hug or a drinking buddy, you’re happy to oblige.

4. When had a couple of drinks and got into a fight with your bestie.

“But she was being a bitch!”

5. When you had a couple of drinks and you kind of hit on your bestie.

“But she gets me!”

6. When you were stopped by the bouncer because she didn’t believe you were gay.

Sorry, I’d show you my gay card but I must have dropped it.

7. When you witnessed a full-on, mega-bitch girl fight.

It wasn’t a sexy fight. Someone lost a tooth. It was you.

8. When you spotted a hot girl you didn’t recognise, you hadn’t slept with and NONE of your friends had slept with. The lesbian unicorn.

Did you hallucinate? Is she a mirage?

9. When you saw a girl take off her shirt at least three times in one night.

It was always the same girl. Aww.

10. When you met someone from The L Word.


11. When you met someone from the Real L Word.

Yeah, why not?

12. When you were introduced to a “straight” girl.

You ended up leaving the bar with her.

13. When you spent a whole night hitting on a girl. And then she introduced you to her girlfriend.

Because the universe hates you.

14. When you waited 15 minutes for the toilets because some skanks were getting it on.

God, get a room!

15. When you were the one getting it on in the toilets.

A toilet stall is a room, right?

16. When you ran into your ex-girlfriend there.

How dare she?!

17. When you drunkenly hooked up with your ex-girlfriend there.

Don’t judge me, shit happens, OK?

18. When you made out with a girl who didn’t speak any English.

Luckily, you’re fluent in lesbian.

19. When you let a girl buy you a drink and were stalked by her for the entire night.

You still hadn’t shaken her by closing time.

20. When your friend got jealous because you were hit on more by all the girls.

It’s not my fault that I’m so popular.

21. When your ex’s new girlfriend wanted to fight you.


22. When you realised that everyone in there you either knew, kissed, slept with or had broken up with. It was time to try somewhere new.

*mic drop*

23. What are your memories of Candy Bar? Submit your Candy Confessions.

Dattch have created a special share wall where you can say goodbye in your own words. Fess up to your wildest nights, share your secret Candy Bar crush or admit to your most embarrassing drunken moments.

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