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20 Stages Of Coming Out As A Lesbian

"There were always signs..." Not everyone's journey but a helluva lot of people's experiences as coming out as a lesbian.

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1. You hug your girl mates for too long. Way too long.

2. Talking about guys with your friends is suuuuuuper boring.

3. Fake swooning over hot male celebs is getting old.

4. Your mother tries to set you up with her friend's son.

5. He tries to kiss you and you overreact.

6. But when you meet a hot woman, you're an awkward mess.

7. You 'let' your one lesbian friend kiss you, just to see...

8. And you were all, "Oh shit."

9. You need some alone time to process your big gay feelings.

10. When your best friend asked if you might be gay...

11. So you start looking online for answers. And girls.

12. You decide to postpone your haircut so you don't 'look too gay.'

13. You finally realise that pretending has made you sad and tired.

14. So when your lesbian friend invites to go to a cool new girl bar...

15. You get drunk before you hit the bar to get some courage.

16. So you can finally hit on a girl and snog her face off.

17. And you do and it's awesome.

18. You finally realise you've been hiding away a really awesome part of yourself.

19. You decide you're out of the closet and you're not going back in.

20. And everyone can just deal with it.

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