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10 Reasons Why You Should Take Daryn And/or Kendall To Formal

follow up to 10 reasons you should take me to prom. Someone please take us to formal

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1. We look damn good

If we look this great up close, Imagine how hot we'll look at your formal. Plus, our dress collection screams sophistication with a hint of slutty, so we'll look wonderful at formal and you won't be embarrassed to show pictures of us to your mother.

2. We are really close

we can guarantee that you won't find us crying in the bathroom because one said something mean about the other. This also means that if you bring one of us to formal and set the other up with your uglier friend, we will be happy for each other and the fact that we got asked to formal in the first place. Also, we have a couple name so you know it's real #Dendall2k16

6. We're funny AF

between the pregame, the bus ride to formal, formal itself, and the bus ride home, we'll be spending a lot of time together. We can make you laugh, ensuring that you have a great time with us all night!

8. We're photogenic

Even at our worst, we will still look our best. Plus, you'll have bomb photos to share on social media and make everyone jealous of how hot your dates are. Show the guys that peaked in high school that you can now pull solid 10s.

9. we're freshmen

I know this might not sound like a good thing but hear me out. We'll get back home in time for us to swipe you into market because who doesn't love free food!

Also, if you mess up and ask somebody else to formal this year, you have three more years to make the best formal decision of your life

You think we're kidding about this but we are actually 100% serious. Someone please take us to your fraternity formal

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