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What Star Wars 1313 Might Have Been

While Star Wars 1313 may not be happening any more it doesn’t mean that the assets of the cancelled project have to stay locked away for ever and ever, never to see the light of day again. A production video showing motion capture being tried out for the game has been released, the results yielded look very impressive. You can check out these for yourself in the video at the bottom of the article. Lucasfilm chief technology strategy officer Kim Libreri demonstrated a video of motion capture being processed in real-time by the Star Wars 1313 engine and its assets. Using the game’s capacities as an example, Libreri suggested that cinematic post-processing might eventually be supplemented or superseded by rendering technologies developed for videogames. With that being said, it gives us hope that one day we may indeed see this method being used on a spiritual successor to Star wars 1313, maybe even Battlefront 3. [VIA SWTor Strategies ]

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Star Wars 1313 concept video

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