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The AT-AT Family Xmas

Merry Christmas from the AT-ATs! AT-ATs enjoy opening presents just as much as any nefarious space war machines. So cute! (Via SWTORstrategies.)

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  • Oh the weather on Hoth is frightful, Echo Base on fire is so delightful, Shield generator is about to go, Let it Blow! Let it Blow! Let it Blow!

  • AT-ATs show no signs of stopping, And the sounds of Rebel heads a popping, Their will to fight is almost done, Let em Run! Let em Run! Let em Run!

  • When I finally get off this rock, Leavin' a glorious blaster storm, Slip on a sock made of Ewok, All the way, home I'll be warm!

  • Oh the taun tauns are slowly dying, And soon, Vader and Ill be high-fiving, An Admiral soon Ill be, Let em Flee! Let em Flee! Let em Flee!

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