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10 SCI-FI Planet Destroying Starships

In space no-one can hear you scream but if these planet destroyers are anything to go by then that’s probably a good thing. Wholesale destruction is a noisy business so put your earmuffs on and cast your eyes down the following explosive Top Ten. Via whatsupmovies

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  • 1. The Death Star

    Its too obvious to be higher up the list so the might of the Empires finest weapon of mass destruction kicks off our list.

  • 2. The Borg Collective

    Tearing planets apart for strip mining and the harvesting of souls to swell their ranks, the Borg are formidable planet destroyers

  • 3. The Doomsday Machine

    Another fan favourite from Star Trek. Beings from outside the galaxy constructed the planet eater as a deterrent, with no intention of actually unleashing it, and it appears to have consumed its galaxy of origin

  • 4. The Shadows

    No, not Hank Marvin but these fabulous ships from Babylon 5

  • 5. Foreshadow

    Into the Lexx universe and the Foreshadow planet killer destroys the home planet of Brunnen-G in the very first episode.

  • 6. Centauri Battleships

    These Babylon 5 ships go in the Top Ten instead of the Vorlon Planet Killers despite the fact that they dont physically obliterate planets but because when it was seen on screen the extraordinary dramatic sight of the mass drivers pummelling the Narn Home World was intercut with reactions from the main characters. It was a very powerful moment and one with long standing repercussions.

  • 7. Imperial Star Destroyer

    Continuous orbital bombardment is the way to go for the Empire.

  • 8. Species 8472 BioShips

    Straight out of Fluidic space these shapechanging aliens decided to wipe out the Borg then the rest of the galaxy.

  • 9. Unicron

    A transforming planet eater with an insatiable hunger

  • 10. The Lexx

    For sheer style with overtones of Nature, the wingless dragonfly shape of Lexx has spelled disaster for many planets innocent or otherwise. Well she has to feed on wholesome planetary debris sooner or later