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    • darceld

      Rebecca, I’d just like to say that throughout history Atheist have always profiled the religious and their insidious ways. Doesn’t really matter what color they are. And btw way, the tortured muslims you speak of were tortured, maimed and killed by other muslims! Husbands abusing wives and children just to top that list. If Sam Harris were around in the 50’s I’m sure his target would have been the Catholic’s, its just the product of the time as history has shown. Don’t forget the ‘godless commies’ we used to hate too. How do you think god got into the pledge of allegiance and our money?? If you can not recognize that the primary radical religion that isathreat at the moment is Islam, then you are kidding yourself. Our own country’s Evangelicals are way to busy bilking money out of their flocks and fucking up schools and politics, but muslims aren’t driven by greed. We in the US can not really even wrap our minds around the real motives they feel. We’ve lived free for too long to envision their ideals, but they are motivated to violence, hatred, racism, sexism and delusions of grandeur and most are willing to die and take others with them in the name of their invisible friend…That being saidIdo not think its right to hate anyone over religion, butIam always weary of all the religious. Their faith isawild card to me of unpredictable behavior. AndIfeel any of them, even the meekest, would be capable of biblical horrors if pushed far enough. So your out burst of fuck you very much is unwarranted onacouple of Atheist who were brave enough to put themselves and their lives out there for all to see and scrutinize. Well spoken, thought provoking dialogues that have brought us out of the shadows and intoamore organized machine…give credit where its due.

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