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    14 Disney Villain Reactions For Everyday Situation

    So you can always ~be prepared~!

    1. When someone orders a "large" instead of a "venti" at Starbucks:

    2. When you wake up after a night of drunk-texting your ex:

    3. When your winged eyeliner is on point:

    4. When you consider doing the assigned reading:

    5. When your friends want to go out, but you just want to sit in bed and watch Netflix:

    6. When someone wakes you up early on a Sunday morning:

    7. When you're hangry AF and your Seamless still hasn't arrived:

    8. When a video buffers for more than a split second:

    9. When you use WebMD to diagnose yourself:

    10. When your friend trusts you with their Tinder account:

    11. When the members of your group project can't do anything right:

    12. When you see a hot rando and instantly imagine your futures together:

    13. When your roommate eats your leftovers out of the fridge:

    14. When you plan a chill night in and your friend breaks out a bottle of tequila:

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