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21 Signs You're Dating A Designer

Buying gifts for them is stressful, and why did they have to ruin Arial for you?

1. Every restaurant excursion starts with loud snarking on the menu’s typefaces.

2. They choose their dinner wines by label design.

3. This is your date night.

Via Kevin Tang

4. Their furniture is uncomfortable.

You get a hard Eames chair if you're lucky. A throne of pencils if you're not.

5. It takes months to replace a broken lamp because none of the ones you can afford look good enough.

You read that right. It's $105,000.

6. Sometimes they're too picky to even own furniture.


Steve Jobs didn't believe in owning much furniture. Neither does Klaus Biesenbach.

7. They inflict upon you a painful awareness of kerning.

8. They complain about new Adobe Suites the way other couples complain about their landlords.

9. Buying gifts for them is stressful. Nothing is cool enough.

10. If you're buying books for them, you choose the cover designer carefully.

Cover design by Peter Mendelsund? Hell yes. By Chip Kidd? Depends how they feel about Chip Kidd.

11. You can’t find any books because they're all organized by color.

12. Their fridge is stocked with weird food with great packaging.

And then they won’t throw away any packaging with elegant letterforms.

13. Your iPad app library consists entirely of sketching apps.

14. You put up with this because they make you thoughtful handcrafted gifts.

15. When you peek over their shoulders on weekends, their designs look like this…

...but by midweek, you'll hear ALL about how their clients mangled it into this.

16. Before visiting their office, you expected their desk to look like this.

But you start worrying about them when you see this.

What is on that plate, exactly?

17. When you get married, you will have great looking invitations and programs!

18. Without their help, it'd probably look like this.

"Lay off Comic Sans, sweetheart. It ain't the end of the world."

19. Then your kids will have strange names.

20. And only Scandinavian wooden toys will be allowed in the house.

21. Most of all, dating a designer means being surprised by their creativity and sense of wonder all the time.

Here's to the fun design dork in your life: