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    27 Signs You Should Quit Your Tech Job

    Your whole life feels like a 500 error.

    1. You're still waiting on the upgrade you were promised in 2010.

    2. Your boss hasn't done any actual programming in 20 years.

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    3. The CEO pretends to understand technology but actually has no idea.

    4. It takes 6 months for any project you work on to get deployed to live servers.

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    5. And even then, some executive looks at what you're working on and decides to change everything the day before it's supposed to roll out.

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    6. And it only ends up being used by 12 people.

    7. You spend more time managing up than building great products.

    8. Testing starts 5 minutes before deployment.

    9. You have to track all of your time in Sharepoint.

    10. Or worse: You are developing a Sharepoint application.

    11. When you're on deadline, everything needs to happen as fast as possible. But when you wait for your manager to get back to you, s/he gets to take his/her own sweet time.

    12. Your hardware is an ancient relic that belongs in a museum, not on your desk.

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    13. Which means you spend all your time dealing with stupid, mundane problems.

    14. Every time you solve one problem, you discover that it leads to a bigger one.

    15. Your PM insists on interrupting you when you're smack in the middle of dealing with an outage.

    16. A crappy internet connection and VPN means that hours of your work keep going to waste.

    17. Everything goes wrong when you're on call.

    18. Your site can only handle deployments on off-peak hours, which means you're working every Saturday night.

    19. You spend more time trying to understand the hierarchy of your managers than actually being managed.

    20. You were promised a creative job, but all you do is make other peoples' ideas come true.

    21. So instead of being respected and having your ideas taken seriously, you feel like a mechanic.

    22. There are legions of PMs who were hired JUST to send you annoying emails all day.

    23. You can never trust your teammates to catch errors until AFTER it's too late.

    24. Your managers insist on rolling out infrastructure changes or making "URGENT" requests at 4 p.m. on Fridays.

    25. You can't remember the last time you had a real lunch break because everything insists on breaking at noon.

    26. Reading this post took up the only 5 minutes you had free all day.

    27. And, worst of all, you can't surf BuzzFeed and call it work.