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It Turns Out We've Been Buying Socks All Wrong At Christmas. Not Anymore.

A new sock subscription service is bringing socksy back.

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Buying good gifts for men is ruddy difficult.

And the last thing we want to receive is socks. It's just a bit... underwhelming, you know?

To be honest, they're not that fun to give, either.

But maybe that's because we’ve been buying socks all wrong.

Not anymore. A new sock subscription service for men has launched in London. And it’s called - wait for it - The London Sock Exchange.


That name, though.

The London Sock Exchange send you three pairs of delectable new socks every quarter. So you’re looking fresh for the season ahead.


Each pair even arrives with styling notes - so no more ankle fashion faux pas.

But that’s not all. No no! The service extends to helping you get rid of your old socks.


You just pop any old, holey socks you really ought to chuck out into their box, and send it back to The London Sock Exchange, for free.

The London Sock Exchange then recycle the socks, helping you do the planet a favour.


But mainly, you just get a winning sock-drawer, all year round.


Best. Way. To. Give. Socks. Ever.


You can get your hands on a subscription at

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