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    • danthemanc

      Shouts out to my alma mater, KGLT Bozeman/Livingston/Helena.Iwas lucky enough to spendafew years as music director in the early 90’s.Iremember getting to the station one day and hearingastring of messages from Yo La Tengo, as they were driving west on I-90.”Hey this is Ira from Yo La Tengo and were gonna be in Bozeman inafew hours and wanted to stop by the station..”,”Hey this is Ira, we are eating lunch at the Pickle Barrel and wanted to come up to the station”, and “Hey, this is Ira and we heading out of town but wanted to try one more time.. “. DAMN! Monday was like Christmas, opening that big stack of mail chock full of cds, records, and swag from all the record labels. Ah, those were the days.

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