What Was The Weirdest Thing Frank Haith Did This Week?

Frank Haith left his job as the head basketball coach at Missouri to take the same job at Tulsa. But was the weirdest part of all of it?

Chris Lee/St. Louis Post-Dispatch / MCT
  1. What was the weirdest thing Frank Haith did this week? Was it...
    1. Leaving his job at Missouri, an SEC school, for a non-power conference school?
    2. That the school was Tulsa? TULSA??
    3. Owing Missouri $500,000 for breaking his contract so he could go to Tulsa?
    4. Quitting his job via text message?
    5. Accidentally referring to his new team’s conference, The American, as “The Atlantic” during his introductory press conference?
    6. Simultaneously causing Missouri fans and Kansas fans to collectively celebrate and joke about his leaving, which is probably the first time fans from those two schools have ever agreed on something?
    7. Somehow getting a raise out of all of this?
    8. Literally all of the above, because everything he did this week existed in some sort of bizarro basketball universe?

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