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Washington, D.C. Is The Worst During A Snowstorm

When it snows even the tiniest amount in Washington, D.C., the entire city shuts down. In wintertime, there's really sNOw worse place to be.

So it's a Monday night in Washington, D.C. You're winding down for the evening, maybe checking out the 11 o'clock news to see what Topper Shutt has to say about the weekday forecast.

And then you see it.


It's coming!

The storm even has a funny name! If it's got a funny name, it has to be a big deal!

You run to the local Giant Food. You grab all the milk and bread and toilet paper you can.

Remember: Once the snow hits, there will be NO way to get milk and bread and toilet paper ever again. You must hoard as much as you can right now.

Then you drive to the gas station. There will also never be gasoline in the D.C. area ever again. Fill up immediately. Your local news media URGES you to.

You go home. You turn on the TV. The snow will be here SOON.

Then you see the magic words: School: Cancelled! The government: Closed!

You even start planning your big snowball fight! Conditions permitting? Ha! This storm is gonna be huge!

The final weather predictions come in. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Look at all those colors!

And then, just as they promised on TV: Snow starts to fall!


Look at that storm move! It's beautiful. My goodness, it's beautiful!!!

Wait, hold up. What are they doing on TV? Are they shoveling water?

Is that rain?

Is it seriously just raining outside? Again?! How do we fall for this every freaking time???

It's not even below 32 degrees?!?!?!

No, wait wait, there's a new update! It's still coming! Oh, thank you, THANK YOU, weather overlords. It's still coming.

Seriously, guys, it's definitely still coming.


Without a doubt!

There's some over there, if you really look hard!

And here.... kind of.

Wait, is this snow ever coming? It HAS to come! They promised us this time!

Oh, come on! Is this really it?

#Snowquester is a bust at #PBS #SnowAngels http://t.co/A2Kk8hn7gC

#Snowquester is a bust at #PBS #SnowAngels http://t.co/A2Kk8hn7gC-- Natalie Nicole

And then comes the inevitable: Just hours after they promised tons of snow, the weather guys start backing off their predictions for D.C.

But since it's basically just raining, at least your Beltway commute won't be horrifying, right?

At least there's some good news, though: That "snow day" gave us this adorable panda photo.

So, whatever. It was all worth it, D.C.

And here's to many more winter weather freakouts in 2013!