Washington, D.C. Is The Worst During A Snowstorm

When it snows even the tiniest amount in Washington, D.C., the entire city shuts down. In wintertime, there's really sNOw worse place to be.

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So it's a Monday night in Washington, D.C. You're winding down for the evening, maybe checking out the 11 o'clock news to see what Topper Shutt has to say about the weekday forecast.

And then you see it.

And then, just as they promised on TV: Snow starts to fall!


#Snowquester is a bust at #PBS #SnowAngels http://t.co/A2Kk8hn7gC

#Snowquester is a bust at #PBS #SnowAngels http://t.co/A2Kk8hn7gC-- Natalie Nicole

So, whatever. It was all worth it, D.C.

And here's to many more winter weather freakouts in 2013!