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19 Things We All Have To Atone For This Yom Kippur

We'll do better in 5774, promise.

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These are all Vines! Enable the audio in the top left of each video then click to play.

1. We're sorry. We're sorry for the things we've done to our families.

2. We're sorry for doing wrong onto our mothers.


3. We're sorry for the things we've done to our siblings.

4. And we're sorry for laughing at our the misfortune of our friends.

5. We're sorry for what we've done to our pets.

6. Sometimes it seemed funny.

7. But it wasn't.

8. It was cruel, and we're sorry.

9. We're sorry for all of the drinking.

10. For stealing.


11. For acts unkind.

12. And for being mean to those too young to understand.

13. We're sorry for laughing at childish jokes.

14. For playing childish pranks.


15. And for raising our voices when kindness would have served us better.

16. And most of all, we are sorry for this.

17. We know better than to teach our loved ones new dance moves.

18. We can not apologize enough for this.

19. For all those things, we are sorry. On this Yom Kippur, we apologize. And let us say: