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The Definitive Ranking Of School Field Trips

Not every field trip was equally awesome. Ranked from worst to OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE SEA LIONS.

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15. Historic cities

Is it fun? A+ or B-

Is it educational? B

This one depended entirely on one condition: Did you stay overnight? If yes, Colonial Williamsburg was amazing and potentially life changing. If not, it was still pretty cool, but you wanted to hang out longer.

14. Monuments (or other historically relevant places)

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Is it fun? A-

Is it educational? C-

There's nothing you could learn about the Statue of Liberty or the Alamo that you couldn't learn in class. But you got to see it up close, which was awesome.


11. Fire department/Police station

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Is it fun? A

Is it educational? C

You stood on a fire truck. YES. And there was always that one kid in class who'd been there before because he had a record. This was his one day to shine.

10. Civil War battle sites

Is it fun? B

Is it educational? A

You were walking through a historic place and learning about the amazing people who fought for our country. But you were also kinda just looking at a field.


6. Trip to a rural location

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Is it fun? B

Is it educational? B

You got to go to Amish Country or another out-of-the-way place and learn how to be a tourist. The best part was that it took forever to get there, so you were out of school for a full day — and maybe overnight!

5. Interactive science museum/Planetarium

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Is it fun? A+

Is it educational? B

You kind of learned something, but you were too busy playing with all the science toys to really absorb anything. This was a good thing.


1. The aquarium

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Is it fun? A+

Is it educational? A+

Some may argue that the aquarium is actually just a zoo, but with lots of water. True — but it's a zoo where you get to press your face up against the glass as sharks swim by. It's the Cadillac of zoos, and the best field trip any kid could hope for.