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17 Reasons Why Missouri Is The New Florida

And this is just what's happened so far in 2014! Watch out, Sunshine State.

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Everyone talks about how Florida is the craziest state in America. Which is true: Florida is CRAZY.

Like, beyond insane.

And nobody else is on their level.

But can we talk about a rising star in the world of crazy news stories?

It's the great state of Missouri.

Because when it comes to absurd headlines, Missouri's as underrated as they come.

Every single day, somewhere across the Show-Me-State…

…someone is doing something strange.

From the shores of the Mississippi River.

To the central plains.

To the Kansas line.

Missouri continues to make the kind of headlines that, frankly, you don't usually see outside of Tallahassee or Orlando.

Is anyone besides Florida using their highest courts for such important rulings as this?

Is anyone else even trying to pass important laws anymore?

Missouri just continues to step up its game.

Bringing the absurd, the ridiculous...

...and the full-on madness each and every day.

Let's just say it: If this kind of stuff was happening in Port St. Lucie, and not St. Louis, we'd be celebrating headlines like these.

Because they're THAT impressive.

So here's to you, Missouri. It's about time we recognized the important headlines you've been making in 2014.

You've got so much to be proud of.

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