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Red Rocks Might Be The Most Perfect Music Venue On The Planet

There isn't another music venue on Earth quite like Red Rocks in Morrison, Colo. Those rocks. That sound. This is where music is meant to be heard.

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They built a stage here in 1947. There isn't another place like this on Earth, an amphitheater with these rocks and this kind of design. It just exists, naturally, here in the foothills of Colorado.

As long as there's been a stage at Red Rocks, there's been music. Because there's something about those rocks that produces perfect sound.

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And the history here is incredible. How many stages can say that they've hosted Igor Stravinsky and also the Dead? The Mormon Tabernacle Choir one week, and the Flaming Lips the next?

John Florea / Time Life Pictures / Getty Images (top), Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images (bottom)

Red Rocks takes a concert and turns it into a quasi-religious experience.

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